Boosting Businesses

Working with Pay4Fun brings advantages

We know that our clients want a lot when choosing a product, that’s why we offer them the most attractive benefits in the industry.

We accept payments in local currency (BRL)

We provide several ways to pay online in local currency, such as cash (boleto), credit cards and online banking (regular transfers and Pix).

Manage your merchant account online

Real time for transaction search, reports, pay-outs/refunds and settlement abroad, 24/7.

Quick and easy integration via our APIs

Get started now and begin collecting payments in Brazil within a few days.

Fast growing e-wallet base

Thousands of registered and KYC validated customers that will recognize and prefer Pay4Fun in your deposit/cashier page.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing and totally transparent settlement abroad in your preferred currency.

Gateway capabilities through Pay4Fun GO

Full payment cycle within seconds.

Payments are 100% guaranteed

We take the risk on chargebacks and fraud.